Are you over 40, doing all the right things, but not losing weight? Read on..




Over 40? Following all the guidelines about eating a healthy diet? Exercising regularly?
Are you one of the millions doing all the ‘right’ things, yet just can’t shift all that unsightly fat?

As a fitness professional, I deal with this kind of situation every day and know that it is about a lot more than the official advice to eat less and move more and that guilt tripping you by telling you you’re a lazy greedy sloth is simply unfair.

What you are looking for is a sustainable, healthy way of life where you feel happier and more energetic, not tired and fat.

This IS achievable and is NOT about willpower, deprivation and suffering. You can enjoy eating and moving should be pleasurable, not painful. You can enjoy life again, feel good about yourself and look forward to a better future.

As a trainer who specialises in solving these mid-life problems, I know what works. I’ve been there myself. I let myself go between the ages of 35-52, became very overweight and could barely run. A few years later, 20 kilos lighter, I completed a 100 kilometre ultra marathon, the following year an Ironman distance triathlon and last year, at the age of 59, ran the entire length of the Pembrokeshire Coastal Path ( 300 kilometres with 35,000 feet of climbing). At 60 I now run a successful personal training business, helping others to get in shape.

Now you may not wish to perform these extreme feats – most of my clients just want to lose some weight and start enjoying life again. With a realistic carefully planned programme of nutrition and exercise that takes into account their busy lifestyles and personal circumstances, they turn their lives around. All that’s required is a certain amount of commitment on their part – you don’t need a will of iron. Many others have already succeeded by following certain basic principles.

The first step is to arrange a free 45 minute consultation where we examine your individual circumstances and find out exactly what you’d like to achieve. Then there is a comprehensive fitness assessment, covering body composition, postural and movement screening and fitness variables such as aerobic fitness, strength, endurance, mobility etc. From this we agree on realistic achievable goals, short and long term and set targets. We also decide on realistic nutritional goals which are a crucial part of the process. Then I put together a programme specific to you to ensure you hit your goals.

So make your health the priority it should be now. What have you got to lose?

Contact David now on 07504439555 or by email at to set the ball rolling.

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