Last call for those trying to get in shape for the beach this Summer.



With just a couple of months to go before we hit the beaches at home and abroad in earnest, now really is the last chance to take the decision to lose some weight and tone up so we look our best in the sunshine. With a realistic target of a pound a week weight loss being sustainable, that’s over half a stone that can easily be lost by July. That can make an enormous difference in the way you look and feel.

Losing weight and feeling better is not all about calorie restriction and manic exercise. I prefer to take a more holistic approach, recognising that it’s not just about calories in versus calories out. More important than that is finding the motivation to change and this is hard for many clients. However once they start to see results, they get a boost, start to feel better and are able to fully commit to the goal. This shouldn’t be seen as a quick fix, but a long term change for the better which is sustainable.

Everybody is treated as an individual with their own particular issues, strengths and weaknesses etc. Not everybody likes to train the same way or eat the same food. Not everyone works 9-5 or has a partner and two kids. These days, life is complex and any programme must take into account your personal circumstances. However the following are key factors in weight management without a doubt;

  1. We should not eat more than we need to meet our energy requirements.
  2. Some form of physical activity is important – not necessarily high intensity.
  3. Hormones play a crucial role, some of the most important being insulin, cortisone, grehlin and leptin. These are affected by both of the above and importantly by not just how much food we eat but what kind.
  4. Stress and emotional problems impact on these hormones, as does poor sleep, so these must be addressed too.

Take positive steps now to get into shape physically and mentally for the sands. I have a limited number of slots available for those wishing to not only change their shape, but also change their lives for the better.

Contact David at the White Horse Leisure centre now for a totally free, no obligation one hour consultation/ taster session. Don’t leave it any longer because crash diets and exercise programmes are doomed to failure and you just won’t have time to get the results you want.

Call or text me on 07504439555 or by email at

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