The real causes of most lower back pain.

  Millions of people suffer from lower back pain and, whilst it’s true that the reasons are not always clear cut and obvious, there are a number of common characteristics that most people complaining of lower back pain share:  They have weak or inactive gluteal muscles – either one side or both. These powerhouse muscles… Continue reading The real causes of most lower back pain.

Freedom to change – what’s holding you back?

    Freedom is one of our most treasured values and quite rightly. There are many kinds of freedom of course; political freedom, physical freedom, mental freedom, freedom of speech etc. Without freedom we are seriously diminished as human beings. Although we in the Western world are relatively free, at least in a political sense,… Continue reading Freedom to change – what’s holding you back?

18 (yes 18!) benefits of fasting.

Is skipping the odd meal bad for your health?! On the contrary; here are 18 benefits of intermittent fasting, without even trying! Improved mental clarity, memory and focus. Weight and fat loss. Lowers blood sugar levels Improves insulin sensitivity Increases energy levels Lowers blood cholesterol Possible prevention of Alzheimer’s Disease. Greater longevity. Reverses the Ageing… Continue reading 18 (yes 18!) benefits of fasting.

Slimming World: now the bad points.

Some people saw my recent blog post about Slimming World, pointing out its positive features and concluded that I must be a fan of this organisation. I suppose that in today’s world of very short attention spans and black and white instant judgement that’s not all that surprising. People don’t often read complete blog posts… Continue reading Slimming World: now the bad points.