18 (yes 18!) benefits of fasting.

Is skipping the odd meal bad for your health?! On the contrary; here are 18 benefits of intermittent fasting, without even trying! Improved mental clarity, memory and focus. Weight and fat loss. Lowers blood sugar levels Improves insulin sensitivity Increases energy levels Lowers blood cholesterol Possible prevention of Alzheimer’s Disease. Greater longevity. Reverses the Ageing… Continue reading 18 (yes 18!) benefits of fasting.

Try Fartlek Circuits for fun and variety.

     Circuit training is usually performed in a very structured way. Often you perform a series of exercises for a set me or a set number of repetitions (normally the former), then do a recovery jogger something similar, again of a set time. Fartlek training is especially associated with running. It’s a Swedish word… Continue reading Try Fartlek Circuits for fun and variety.