Grains – why are we still being told these are a healthy option, despite all the evidence?



For years we have been exhorted by those ‘responsible’ for public health to base our diet around starchy carbohydrates, especially ‘wholegrain’ food-like products, like bread and pasta and rice. By now it should be abundantly clear to everybody that, however well-intentioned this advice probably was (and certainly it was massively beneficial to the American farming industry), the consequences have been disastrous for public health, not only in the US but throughout the world. In the 1980’s we imported the US guidelines, word for word, despite their being no evidence that this would be beneficial.

The heart attack of President Eisenhower had earlier prompted an investigation into the heart disease epidemic in America and culminated in the demonisation of dietary fat, following a study by Ancel Keys. This study looked at 21 countries, from which Keys took the data from the 7 countries which mostly closely fitted his hypothesis that fat was the enemy. Those that showed contradictory data were disregarded! Since then, study after study has shown repeatedly that dietary fat, including saturated fat and high cholesterol foods either have zero effect on health or have a beneficial effect. One massive long-term study, called the Framingham heart study, confirmed this, but was largely ignored by the authorities because it ran counter to accepted ‘wisdom’.

The idea that fat is bad and whole grains are good is still promoted through official channels today, despite all the evidence pointing to the opposite conclusion! If it was not for the internet and the difficulty of controlling it, the truth would still not be known today.

Look at the facts; Western populations have grown more and more obese and sick the more they have followed official advice. They reduced the fat and they increased the consumption of these processed carbohydrate products and this is WHY they got fat and ill and are still doing so today.

Here is the typical British ‘balanced diet’!!

Breakfast; cereals, toast and orange juice (sugar + sugar + sugar).

Lunch:  sandwich plus fruit yoghurt and maybe a piece of fruit  (sugar + sugar + sugar)

Dinner:  pasta or rice plus meat plus 2 veg perhaps (so more sugar here too)

Grains contain little nutrition (contrary to what you’ve been told) and will spike your insulin, causing fat storage in the short term, insulin resistance in the longer term, and finally metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes, Alzeihmer’s disease, depression, cancer etc. etc. etc. They are linked with practically every modern health problem – you know all the conditions that were very rare a hundred years ago. They will ruin your health, make you fat and ultimately kill you.

Turn away from mainstream media for your ‘news’. It is not trustworthy but is controlled by large vested interests. Frankly it makes me very angry that they continue to preach this bullshit to people who are vulnerable and confused by all the contradictory messages they have been getting about nutrition. There is no scientific basis for any of it. They want to blame you for being lazy and greedy when actually it’s a hormonal issue that they have created. They need to keep you carb dependant, they need you to be ill or to think you could be so they can sell you medicines and supplements. For God’s sake, they are adding sugar to absolutely everything, even meats. It’s not a conspiracy – they are not responsible for your health – they are responsible to their shareholders so they need to make profits. They even wanted to put statins into the public water supply in one US state! They are playing fast and loose with your health!

Do your own wider research, try different ways for yourself. You won’t die because you miss a meal – it’s insane! We have no requirement for processed carbs at all in our diet – it’s not balance – it’s making you sick! Our brain requires a very tiny amount of glycogen to function and the liver can manufacture this itself from fat and protein by a process called gluconeogenesis – this is what it did for millions of years until very recently!

You are being scammed by big business – wake up and smell the coffee! You think you are rebelling by ‘eating what you want’ but you are playing right into their hands. They are encouraging you to become addicted, just like the dealer on the street corner.

Eat mostly real food, like other animals do. If you want a cake or an ice cream or a chocolate bar sometimes that’s fine if you’re in control, not the cravings. But we have not evolved to eat grains and, even if we had, the nutritional value is very poor compared with vegetables, fatty meats and fish, eggs, nuts, seeds, eggs, fruit etc.

Working in the health and fitness industry it breaks my heart to see so many people suffering needlessly, overweight, poorly nourished, faithfully following official advice, digging a deeper and deeper hole for themselves, thinking they can train or diet their way out of a problem that they just don’t understand. It has taken me many years of trial and error and research to understand this problem and yet I know that, for most people, your deep-rooted beliefs will probably remain your deep-rooted beliefs and my words will be in vain.

(Of course, the usual disclaimers apply – if you have any particular medical concerns or are on medication, please consult a registered medical practitioner before undertaking any new dietary regime.)


One thought on “Grains – why are we still being told these are a healthy option, despite all the evidence?

  1. Great article …. the revolution starts with a small uprising ….let’s lead that uprising # fatburner #healthyfat #hatecarbs #keto


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