Fully qualified

Great news, I’ve just heard that I am now officially qualified as a level 3 Personal trainer, as well as a level 2 Fitness instructor, having passed my final Anatomy and Physiology exam which was actually quite difficult, especially for someone who was totally useless at science subjects at school. It just goes to show that motivation is everything in learning.
I’ve learnt a lot that has helped with my own training as well as hopefully helping others and I’ve definitely added more strength, power and balance to go with my aerobic fitness.
I’ve also discovered that being a ‘mature’ personal trainer is actually a big advantage in most respects in the marketplace.
So what now? Well self- employment is my preferred option, but, in the short term I’ll look to get experience wherever I can and try to get some spinning and circuit training classes also.
Further proof that age is not a barrier to doing whatever you want in life.

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