Recovery methods (after boot camps etc.)

Probably one of the biggest topics for discussion after a hard or long workout is how stiff and sore clients are over the following few days. So I thought I’d just summarise the best methods of recovery. Many experienced athletes will have their own views on this and it depends to some extent on personal… Continue reading Recovery methods (after boot camps etc.)

How to run faster – from couch potato to podium.

Most people, once they start jogging or running, reach a point where they want to learn to run faster, especially if they are relatively young, so let me tell you my own story. In my mid twenties I was practically a vegetable. Weighing just 7 stones, I had spent the previous 7 or 8 years… Continue reading How to run faster – from couch potato to podium.

What to eat?

Everybody these days seems to be obsessed with this question, but sometimes asking this question seems to raise more questions than answers. Official government guidelines seem to be out of touch with the latest science on this, but are we any closer to knowing what the ideal diet consists of? Opinions seem to be so… Continue reading What to eat?