Why are we not asking why?


In this world of information and misinformation we are overloaded with quick fix advice.
Yet for all the myriad ‘solutions’ to health and fitness issues, hardly anybody seems to be asking the question WHY?

1. You’ve got high blood pressure. WHY?
2. I feel hungry all the time and can’t lose weight. WHY?
3. My cholesterol is high. WHY?
4. My lower back hurts. WHY?
5. My knee hurts. WHY?
6. My calves are always tight. WHY?
7. I’ve got a neurological condition. WHY?
8. I feel tired and low all the time. WHY?

If I google any of the above I will find a massive range of options for ‘fixing’ these conditions but hardly anybody discussing causes. Why do you think that is?

So apparently the ‘cure’ for high blood pressure or high cholesterol is a pill. How’s that working out for you? Feeling better now? Were these even a problem in the first place or were they an intelligent adaptation of the body to environment?

Why do you always feel hungry? Might it just be that your hormones are just reacting normally to the high carb diet you have been recommended to eat?

Could lower back pain or knee pain or tight calves not actually be due to a fault in these structures, but rather due to an intelligent reaction of the body to sitting at 90 degrees, toxic foods and medications preventing the rebuilding of collagen etc?

A small number of people are not accepting that all of the neurological conditions are from unknown causes or genetic or indeed irreversible and progressive. Most people though are just taking the medication and buying into the ‘hopelessness’ of their situation. Few are asking why they got this in the first place. Same with depression.

My question is HOW CAN YOU POSSIBLY FIND THE REAL SOLUTION IF YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW THE CAUSES? Do you really believe that the cause of all the above is lack of a certain medication or superfood or magic exercise or stretch? This is clearly insane and yet this is how most people are behaving!

The truth is that we know the causes of all of the above. None of these so-called diseases or conditions or problems are down to your miraculous body misfunctioning. They are the result of your body adapting in the best way it can to ensure your survival.

The pain and inflammation it is giving you is telling you to change what you are doing! Taking a pain killer is a bit like turning off the fire alarm! The fire is still burning!

It’s true that we vary in our genes, yet it is the environment that decides how these are expressed.

And the truth is that this is mostly under our control.

These are the causes of practically all of the above in my humble opinion. (Sorry if it’s too simple and there’s no money to be made out of this.)

1. Toxic processed foods, drinks and water supply..
2. Toxic chemicals in the form of medications,.
3. Toxicity absorbed through the skin eg. skin ‘care’ products.
4. Lack of movement, sedentary lifestyle.
5. Emotional stress, poor sleep, inability to calm the mind.

Take out the toxicity, add back any missing nutrients (we might include movement in this) and focus on relaxation and watch your symptoms improve in nearly every case.
Just one month of this will convince you of the truth of this.

So why have we not been told any of this? The research is abundant yet hidden away in scientific journals. Do your own research on Pub Med if you don’t believe me.

The reason of course is that there’s no profit in any of the above. If most people knew the simple truth there would be no pharmaceutical industry, no processed food giants, no Big Fitness either.

We would need to change the way we think about agriculture and how to feed the world. We need to be kept comfortable at a persisent low but progressive level of dysfunction so some can make money.

But is any of this your problem? Are you happy to be sacrificed on the altar of Profit? It’s entirely up to each one of us as individuals to do what’s best for us and our families. There is NO MAGIC DRUG AROUND THE CORNER because they’re not even looking at causes, only solutions.

Keep asking the question why and eventually you will arrive at PROFIT.

Whatever your condition the body can regenerate itself if left to its own devices and treated with respect. Neurons, cartilage, bones, everything can be rebuilt. You get a whole new skeleton repeatedly through life as everything is broken down and rebuilt. Why on earth would you swallow this nonsense about progressive and no hope?  Don’t believe it!

There is miracle after miracle out there to prove that this is the case – just go looking for these and ask WHY? What did these people do? One thing I can guarantee is that they didn’t just take a magic pill!

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