Are you eating a ‘balanced diet’? Millions of years of evolution and we never realised that carbohydrates were crucial to good health!



The scenario repeats itself, without failure, two or three times every week, at least. It gets to the point where you don’t really want to have the discussion because you know it will undermine faith in everything they’ve taken for granted for decades, as regards health and fitness. Nevertheless, it has to be said, even if it drives them away, because you know they will be fighting a hopeless battle ultimately without this information. Their success is my success, so there’s no choice.

The client or potential client is usually 40 plus. In discussing what they are doing to get fit/ lose weight/ become more mobile – it really doesn’t matter which one – inevitably I have to point out that they will not achieve what they want without good nutrition. The response is usually, “oh don’t worry about that, I eat a good balanced diet”. Whenever they say that and especially if they use the word ‘balanced’ (an indicator of bias for sure), then I know what they eat.

What this means is that they eat a ‘healthy wholegrain’ cereal, followed by a ‘healthy wholegrain’ bread of some kind, washed down with orange juice or something like an Innocent smoothie. They then do their best to avoid the sugar crash mid morning – some more successfully than others. By lunchtime they are hungry and will opt for either a sandwich with ‘healthy wholegrain’ bread or a wrap or some may even get a salad. Often these will be followed by maybe a sweet yoghurt of some kind, followed by apple or banana. Assuming they can resist the mid afternoon snack craving, they will then have some ‘healthy wholegrain pasta or rice’,  or a few potatoes with meat or fish plus something sweet to follow, ‘because they’ve been good all day’.

If I point out to them that this is a diet that will inevitably lead sooner or later to ill health, not only lack of fitness but indeed illness, along with steady weight gain, metabolic syndrome, leading to diabetes, heart disease, cancer, neurological conditions, psychological disturbance etc. etc., they look at me with incomprehension. But this is what they have told will keep them healthy and surely all these diseases are just because we’re living longer, is what they either say or think. Besides I’m counting my calories, I don’t eat big portions and I exercise regularly, often at length, every day, they protest.

When I ask them to reflect on how any of this is working for them, they are usually not quite as confident they are doing the right thing, but often blame their not training hard enough, perhaps because they have injuries (again they can’t make the link) or because so and so at work keeps bringing those cakes in!

In truth they are generally confused because they have already become aware that I have a reasonable understanding of health and fitness. So why is this man ‘so extreme’ when it comes to nutrition? Some do ask more questions and begin to unravel slowly the huge web of deceit around the subject and indeed the subject of fitness in general. They are all also on loads of different medications to mask the symptoms of poor nutrition and lifestyle. Some will put into practice some or even most of what I tell them and are astonished at the results – but are often reticent to speak about it publicly because, like me, they know it’s a difficult conversation and not really socially acceptable.

Others no doubt just think that they could never give up their sugar fuelled lives and will continue to blame their obesity, their poor tissue health resulting in immobility, their heart disease on every other scapegoat that the big corporations with the connivance of government, have conveniently provided. Sadly, many will blame themselves for not being able to follow their advice well enough and so begins another cycle of self-destruction.

Unfortunately, it’s impossible to get to middle age and be in great shape and health if you are following anything like what has been recommended to us by the powers that be (i.e.. Big Food, Big Pharma, Big Fitness, along with governments that are little more than puppets and an NHS dedicated to suppressing symptoms to boost the profits further in the long run). Sadly, you can only end up with poor general health, immobility and impaired fitness levels – there is just no other long term outcome possible because of the disastrous effect of a high carb diet on the human body. We are simply not adapted to deal with this massive bombardment of sugars, day in day out.

If you’d like to learn how to use healthy fats instead to regenerate your ailing body and mind, then please get in touch. We have a support group in place to help you through this.

Contact David on 07504439555 or email



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