The real reason we’re all sick.



It breaks my heart to see so many people, including my own family, suffering and dying unneccessarily from a whole host of mostly preventable disease because of the atrocious dietary advice we have all been given since the 1970’s.

Heart disease, type 2 diabetes, digestive problems, cancer, Alzeimers, Parkinsons etc. Whilst genetics may make some people more susceptible to these, the critical factor here is nutrition and lifestyle. As the saying goes, ‘genetics load the gun but environment pulls the trigger’.

These are not the inevitable result of old age as we are constantly told by the so-called ‘experts’ from ‘reputable’ institutions, but are predominantly due to lifestyle ‘choices’. Hardly anybody ever died from these conditions until recently, yet many lived to a ripe old age, thus contradicting their lies.

However, if you and your parents have essentially been brainwashed from an early age with criminal dietary guidance, are you really responsible for these choices? And exactly what choice do you have when your out of control hormones are screaming at you to eat sugar in one form or another? Do you think you can beat your hormones? Not easy at all!

We all thought we were making the right health choices. We trusted government to base their advice on public health grounds, on real science.

However it has become increasingly clear that powerful vested interests were always behind this advice and that the real science always showed it to be bad advice.

The following are just some examples of what most people assume to have been ‘scientifically’ proven but which are completely unproven if you ignore the manipulation of statistics and the marketing;

1. The energy balance theory ie. calorie deficit/ surplus is what directly governs weight and nothing else.

2. Dietary fat makes you fat.

3. Dietary fat causes heart disease.

4. High cholesterol is bad.

5. Saturated fat is bad.

6. Whole grains are healthy.

7. You must drink before you’re thirsty.

8. Eat little and often for weight management!

9. Always eat a good breakfast.

10. Fasting is dangerous.

Just stop and think about who gains from you believing these myths? Do you really believe that they are more interested in your health than their profits?

Who benefits from you being ill with lots of different ailments? Doctors and dieticians are trained by the state so will mostly follow their advice, supporting the important pharmaceutical industry, which depends on you eating lots of ‘healthy’ grains and sugars. Anybody advising otherwise leaves themselves open to legal action. Doctors are under enormous pressure to become simple dealers for Big Pharma. There is no money to be made from telling us the truth and think of the legal liability for the millions they have already killed with their advice.

The economic consequences of us waking up to what’s making us ill are global and gigantic. Grains make it easy to feed the world and keep the population down at the same time!! Therefore doubly beneficial! People living longer but needing lots of medications to function is also a money spinner for Big Pharma of course.

Don’t listen to anything coming from the Establishment about nutrition – it’s vested interests talking through their often unwitting, but often self-interested, agents. Remember when doctors were advising you to smoke to help you relax! Maybe think about this when you are offered statins and the like – ask questions!

What can you do? EDUCATE yourself, not through mainstream media which promotes vested commercial interests or official courses which do likewise. Much of what they have tried to keep from us is freely available on the internet – studies that proved the opposite to what they told us abound. In fact it’s virtually impossible to find studies that confirm what they say, unless financed and the results manipluated by Kellogs, Coca Cola, Gatorade, Unilever etc. If they were able to control the internet they would and you would never the learn the truth.

There are also innumerable books out there now on nutrition which tell the real story. In fact, the number of independent nutritionists who now uphold the Establishment position is very small and eventually the government, along with all those corporations who are just looking after their shareholders’ interests, will be forced kicking and screaming into adjusting and readjusting their position, under public pressure. Not so quickly as to admit guilt of course, but slowly enough to be able to say ‘look we’ve been telling you this for years now’!

The bottom line? There is NO population in the world whose health has improved with processed carbohydrates in the diet. Where diet has changed from natural foods to the Western diet, the population has become sick with the same lifestyle diseases as us. When they come to live in our society they get sick.

There is only one logical conclusion. The Western diet is killing us or making us sick in massive numbers.

Ask your doctor, your state registered dietician, your MP, your Slimming World or Weight Watchers convenors for independent evidence to prove that the diet or medication they recommend is helpful and don’t accept half truths or being fobbed off. The simple truth is that anybody with an open mind, looking at the actual evidence and avoiding the spin and marketing, can easily see that our nutrition is killing us.

This is YOUR LIFE, YOUR BODY. Take responsibility for it and don’t outsource this to  third parties who have clearly not done the research but have just meekly accepted the perceived ‘wisdom’ of the State (i.e. the big corporations who are really in control).


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