Why a pill or a stretch or an exercise to strengthen a muscle never resolves the problem.



Science has made massive progress over the last century. But, as we zoom in more and more on the infinite detail of the parts, we tend to forget the global, panoramic view.

This is particularly so in looking at the living human being. This reductionist approach means that we don’t see the blindingly obvious often and we end up treating the pain or the symptom rather than addressing root causes.

These root causes are to be found in the wider picture usually; environment, nutrition, sleep, movement patterns, biomechanics, jobs, stress. Failing to address these means just papering over the cracks.

Not only is everything connected kinetically through the fascial networks and anatomy, but also from a biochemistry point of view via hormonal balance or otherwise. Equally these are dependent upon environmental factors like nutrition, sleep etc.

And, of course, we must not forget the mind/body link. In fact this is so powerful that the two literally are one and not separate at all, since what we sense physically is literally what we are and we can change this physical input consciously also with Mind over Matter.

As a trainer and coach this realisation has massively changed the way I work with clients. There’s little point working on isolated muscle groups because there’s nothing you can do that only affects one body part. The body is never totally still but always in motion, working to resist the pull of gravity and achieve movement and stability.

Movement is not achieved simply by muscles and tendons pulling on bones. Rather the position of the parts of the skeleton is paramount and the muscles react to the joints not vice versa. And movement and stability are both achieved by the elasicity or otherwise of the fascia which entwines and envelopes everything.

The quality of all this connective tissue not only depends upon it being stretched dynamically, but also on hydration, nutrition etc.

All is massively influenced by how well are feet are sensing and absorbing the vibrations from the ground and footwear inhibits this. So environment and occupation are indistinguishable from physical fitness.

And so it goes on…so when you go to the doctor and he gives you a pill to stop your discomfort or you go to the physio to stretch or strengthen particular muscles, or you go to the psychiatrist to address your depression, you never really affect a cure, because none addresses all aspects of YOU.

The answer? Stop looking for an easy quick fix. Use a global whole body movement approach to physical fitness. Not because it ‘burns more calories’ because this is itself part of this idiotic reductionist approach. But because it all works together through the fascial lines surrounding the skeleton. Start from the ground upwards by addressing foot function and its effect on the kinetic chain.

Then make the following an absolute, non-negotiable, priority;

Nutrition (real food).
Avoid stress and calm the mind.
Have a purpose in life that’s socially beneficial.
Move in as many ways as possible in the fresh air.

This is the Roads to Freedom philosophy and this is why it is impossible to specialise effectively as a health and fitness professional. You cannot just give somebody a gym workout or a physio appointment and expect everything or indeed ANYTHING to be really fixed – it’s frankly ridiculous.

There’s no one path that can get you there – but many roads to achieve the liberation we all desire.

This does not mean going from total ‘dysfunction’ to complete ‘perfection’, but a constant steady progression to a better life and a happier YOU.

For more information please call David on 07504439555 or email info@roadstofreedom.net.

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