Forget willpower, deprivation, struggle – just reset your hormones to lose the fat.



Do you believe it’s really hard to lose fat and feel better?

Do you think it must require enormous willpower, great deprivation, gruelling training sessions etc. etc?

Well I’m hearing exactly the opposite from clients. Today again I was told by a client that they thought it was going to be really difficult to change their life.

This particular lady, who prefers to remain anonymous, came in for her 6 weekly body composition test. She was staggered by the results and just could not believe it could be so easy (in her own words).

Since February she has:

Lost nearly 6 kgs.
Dropped body fat from 36% to 31% (that means it’s nearly all fat she has lost, not muscle).
Dropped metabolic age from 50 plus to 38.
Lost 5 cms from the waist.

She also said she feels lighter, enjoys a wider variety of foods and feels much fitter.

Again, I repeat, she cannot believe how easy it has been! This is very typical.

We have all been brainwashed into thinking that it’s hard because weight management has been made ridiculously complicated in order to sell us stuff.

Willpower, deprivation, hard work outs are NOT the way to lose fat. It’s only about normalising your hormones, especially insulin and cortisol.

This is achieved by taking most of the carbohydrate out of the diet and replacing with natural fats, including saturated fats, alongside natural movement rather than constant HIIT sessions which increase metabolic stress and provoke sugar cravings.

Focus too on sleep, avoiding stress, and think about trying mindfulness or meditation to calm over stimulated minds.

We need to stop the ridiculous calorie counting which is essentially vested interests trying to persuade you that all calories are equal so you will continue to eat their imitation food -like products, instead of what your body recognises as real food.

This is NOT science because science tells us very clearly that carbs, fats and proteins are metabolised completely differently and that there is no such thing as an ‘essential’ carbohydrate.

Why not ditch these backward, outdated ideas about weight management and health and join the people who are losing weight and feeling great by resisting the manipulative, false messages of Big Food, Big Pharma and Big Fitness.

Welcome to the Revolution!

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