Just because it has been repeated a million times doesn’t make it true!


     If you had asked me about intermittent fasting about 18 months ago I would have told you it was a bad idea, especially for anyone engaged in heavy training. I advised weight management clients especially to always eat a good breakfast. Why? Because this was my deep- rooted belief – it was what I had always done myself and I had never tried anything different. Why had I always done this? Because, like most of you no doubt, I believed what I had been told from a very young age – that you should eat little and often for a steady supply of energy and that breakfast was a good place to start – to ‘kick start’ your metabolism. ‘Breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dine like a pauper’ – this was what I believed and so this was what I told people to do.

How wrong I was! Having watched Michael Moseley’s documentary on the 5:2 diet, I became curious. Still I thought the idea of fasting was extreme and couldn’t see the benefits. But my wife and I started experimenting. We started losing fat (not muscle!) and feeling more, not less, energetic. Sleep was much improved without an overloaded stomach and it’s a long time since I had any kind of cold or other illness.

I began watching the Jason Fung videos on IF, calories and hormones on YouTube and suddenly it just made total sense. I read his book on fasting and realised that it was only what we had been doing successfully for practically all of evolution until the last half century when food has become plentiful. The connection between eating highly processed foods around the clock and obesity, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, cancer, Alzeihmers, depression and practically the whole gamut of poor health that has spiralled out of control in the last 40 years is now so blindingly obvious that I could not believe I had previously believed fasting to be harmful to health – what a massive irony!

 Everything that we’ve been told about food, its effect on health and weight management and exercise is not based on genuinely scientifically proven data at all. Practically all of this ‘research’ is financed by large vested interests so it comes up with the ‘results’ they demand. Do you really think the food industry or the pharmaceutical industry are going to pay for scientists to show you that their products are unhealthy or dangerous? Do you think they are going to pay University professors, politicians and the like to bad mouth their products? It’s not these companies’ job to be concerned for public health. It is NOT a conspiracy. It’s their job to make money for their shareholders however they can.

Who do you think gains from these common myths for example?

  1. Eat little and often.
  2. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.
  3. Drink before you’re thirsty!
  4. It’s just calories in versus calories out (and it doesn’t if it’s a can of coke or a bunch of broccoli, the effects on weight are the same!)
  5. You must replenish glycogen in the muscles within a 20 minute window.
  6. You can burn off all those excess calories with exercise.

Once you realise that none of this has anything to do with public health or fitness but is only about profit and that no genuinely independent research exists to prove this stuff, you can only see this as complete and utter hilarious nonsense!

  If you really want to be fit and healthy you MUST ignore everything you assume to be true and try things for yourself. Unfortunately millions have been following nutrition guidelines that are making them obese and ill. You cannot trust government advice any more than you can trust drugs research financed by pharmaceutical companies. You have every right to question doctors and ask for incontrovertible evidence that what they’re prescribing is beneficial, not harmful. It’s YOUR life that’s at stake – don’t outsource responsibility for it to commercial interests.

  For God’s sake, GP’s who themselves have mostly no training in nutrition are referring people to groups like Slimming World, who are run by people who likewise have no training in nutrition. All they are doing is trying to stay within the same guidelines that were constructed by vested interests and have made you fat and ill! Do you really imagine this is going to help you long term?

   This is not the fault of doctors, nor the fault of BIg Food or Big Pharma or Big Fitness. They are all protecting their own interests and livelihoods. Those who are taking money from these corporations, whether they be in government or working in universities and the like maybe need to take a good hard look in the mirror and ask themselves whether they really want to be contributing to the public good or just want to get rich, come what may.

  What can we do? Unite in groups to tell the truth to more people, question everything, take nothing as proven because it rarely is. Stop repeating deep-rooted beliefs unless you know they are true because otherwise you become part of the problem (like I was), not the solution. Challenge politicians, question doctors, do your own research and spread the truth via social media, because they still have not been able to control that much as they would like. Share videos and articles widely to counter the myths.

Take back control of your health, your life and your society, starting today.

If you live in the Oxford/Abingdon area then why not join our Feast and Fast weight management support group? If not, then why not form your own – either physical or via Facebook groups?

David 07504439555 or info@roadstofreedom.net


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