Why cutting out sugars AND fat is such a bad idea.

The population is confused! People do seem to quite readily accept that sugar and grains are not good, both for fat loss or health. However, there seem to be such deep rooted phobias about dietary fat and cholesterol too. This is not surprising since we have been indoctrinated with this idea for the last 30 or 40 years. So here’s the truth;

The whole idea that fat and cholesterol cause heart disease and a whole host of other conditions, including obesity, is based on a flawed and ridiculously selective piece of research by a guy called Ancel Keys back in the fifties. Ever since then, it has suited everybody with a vested interest to propagate this idea globally. Food manufacturers, US agriculture, the pharmaceutical industry have gained enormously, at the expense of public health.

I’m not aware of any study in the last 30 years at least that has confirmed any link between eating healthy fats like fish, meat, eggs, nuts, seeds, avocados, olive oil, full fat dairy and negative health outcomes, however much they have tried to prove it with large scale studies spanning decades. On the contrary, those people who consume higher levels of natural fats, including the much demonised saturated fat, have been shown consistently to have better health outcomes than those consuming the high carb low fat diets recommended by governments worldwide! And, what’s more, millions are lining the pockets of pharmaceutical companies by taking cholesterol lowering drugs like statins despite all the studies that have repeatedly shown that high cholesterol is a health advantage! In short, we have been and still are being, conned and becoming sick and dying as a result of nobody being prepared to stand up to vested interests.

The body badly needs a lot of fat to function properly, especially the brain, and functions best on the diet that we ate until very recent times (yes when everybody started getting ill) throughout millions of years of evolution. Furthermore, the amount of cholesterol you consume makes zero difference to how much cholesterol you have in your body because cholesterol production is regulated by the liver and it creates more to try to fill the gap created by stupid low fat diets! Most of the cholesterol you have and desperately need therefore comes not from dietary sources at all!

Sugar is the problem, in all its forms – the rest is just a smoke screen. If you cut out sugar and fat, which is the ridiculous position government is moving towards because they can’t be seen to have got it so badly wrong, then there will be no satiety and you will become hungry and weak because you need the healthy fats, like every other animal!

I seem to speak to so many people who just have this blind spot about dietary fat, so they cut out both sugar AND fat then feel unwell so therefore they think they must need the sugar! It’s all madness- so mad that we just don’t believe sometimes that they could have got it all so wrong. We tend to think that people in authority have our interests at heart, that everything is tightly regulated and scientifically proven, but do the research yourself and see!

Come and join our fat loss support group every Tuesday evening near Oxford/Abingdon to find out more.

David on 07504439555.


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