Ways to address so called ‘duck feet’ posture/gait.



Feet out posture and gait or so-called ‘duck feet’ (very harsh on ducks as they walk with straight feet like practically every other animal) is a bit like driving your car with the wheels not straight. You could probably drive it for a while but you would lose performance and risk damage. Same for the human body.

So what can you do to correct or at least improve it?

Well there may be ‘hardware’ problems that are causing this sometimes but usually it can be addressed through conscious control, working on muscular imbalances and activation and mobility work.

Although it sometimes initiates from the knee joint, in most cases it is either a matter of hip or ankle issues or a combination of these and probably the result of sitting, shoe wearing and sometimes belly fat.

So the first practical steps are:

1. Consciously correct your feet position throughout the day so they are facing forward, until it becomes your default posture. If your hips ache doing this it means your hip rotators are not working properly probably.

2. Perform various walking and single leg drills with straight feet to re-establish the feet to glute connection that has been forgotten by turning the foot out, so that glutes begin to fire properly again.

3. Mobilise and strengthen both glute medius and maximus, which will also provide better stability and power.

4. Loosen tight adductor muscles.

5. Improve ankle mobility where deficient.

The methods used can be a combination of bodyweight exercises, machines, myofascial release with foam rollers, balls etc., banded stretches, bodyweight stretches, free weights etc.

If you suffer from this problem by all means contact me for an initial free assessment.

David 07504439555

Learn to walk and run like a human again

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