Turning recreational runners into athletes.

_20171026_153332             The Running Gym programme helps you to run faster or further more easily, whatever your current level. An initial consultation and treadmill video analysis identifies key areas to work on;

Running form and gait

Mobility restrictions

Muscular imbalances

Nutritional deficiencies

Training regime – running and otherwise

Other lifestyle factors.

Self-limiting attitudes and beliefs about their capabilities.

Most people have deficiencies in one or more of the above areas leading often to massive under-performance and unnecessary injury risk. Tiny changes to running form can make a massive difference to times and enjoyment of running.

The typical recreational runner is:

Stiff through ankles, hips and shoulders.

Is regularly injured or ill.

Often overtrains and has little understanding of the impact of different training methods.

Relies heavily on carbohydrates for energy instead of the more efficient metabolism of fat.

Carries too much body fat.

Suffers stress (including stress from overtraining)

Has inadequate sleep.

Runs too upright, heel strikes and has too low a cadence.

Has weak and inactive glutes and hip rotators.

These are just some of the weaknesses we almost inevitably find. Every one of these has a big impact on your running. We address these in a systematic way and everyone gets faster and enjoys their running more.

The Running Gym programme is available in both 1:1 and small group format to suit any budget.

If your running matters to you then take action now.

Call David on 07504439555 or email info@roadstofreedom.net to find out more.

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