Hands up if you don’t want to run faster more easily.


I bet loads of people raised their hands yes? OK, so you guys don’t need to read further – leave social media now and do something more useful.

For everybody else, here’s the story:

We are runners.

We don’t like being inside.

We don’t like lifting heavy weights.

We don’t enjoy brutal painful gym workouts.

We just like running free in the open air because it makes us feel better.

At The Running Gym we don’t do the normal stuff you do in the gym with a ‘normal’ PT!

We do running focused movement practice. It’s not brutal, it’s not boring but it WILL make you into a better runner. You WILL be able to run further and faster more easily and with less injury risk.

It might just be more useful to you than yet another medium paced aimless run.

Our results for themselves – this stuff works!

The Running Gym programme is available in 1:1 and small group format.

Ask me for details now so you hit the ground running come Spring.

Call David on 07504439555.

Email; davidperry57@sky.com



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