Run a faster marathon by learning to run at a slower pace!


    Yes it’s true! To run a faster marathon most runners need to learn to run more slowly not faster.

There are literally hundreds of thousands of sub 4 hour marathon wannabees who fell short of their goals because they got to 18 or 20 miles then fell apart, walking or jogging the last section as their time went out of the window. Indeed, I made the same mistake in my own first attempt at the distance many moons ago.

   Where did they go wrong? They didn’t understand that the marathon is 99% aerobic and only 1% anaerobic!

They thought that they needed to practice running faster to go sub 4. They often got injured or caught colds in the build up from the stress of training, mental and physical.

   To run a fast marathon you need first and foremost to develop your AEROBIC system.

You will not achieve this by doing anaerobic training, whether it be running intervals, lifting heavy weights, HIIT sessions or whatever. In fact, this will break down your aerobic fitness. To develop the aerobic system you need to perform loads of LOW intensity training at 65-70% of maximum heart rate.


   Coupled with the right nutrition, proper sleep etc. this will enable you to run for longer without tiring and, over the longer distances, actually produce much faster times.

So, if you’re preparing for a Spring marathon, bear this in mind.

Free advice on this and other running related matters by calling or texting;

David at the Running Gym on 07504439555.






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