76 year olds outrunning 20 year olds! Age is NOT a barrier unless you want it to be.


76 year olds outrunning 20 year olds! 

It’s true! I have a 76 year old client who regularly knocks out intervals at in excess of 12 km/hour pace on the treadmill just for fun. Lucky he doesn’t like to compete outside otherwise he’d be embarrassing a lot of twenty somethings with his pace and stamina!

What’s his magic secret? Nothing special – he just keeps active mentally and physically on a regular basis.

Use it or lose it, it’s that simple – nothing much to do with age – that’s just your excuse for staying in your comfort zone.

Hang on a minute, isn’t it dangerous to exercise at that age, I hear you protest?

Not half as dangerous as not exercising!

What could potentially make it dangerous for anybody of ANY age is to just suddenly throw yourself into a high intensity exercise group having taken lttle exercise for ages.

If you’re stiff and dehydrated, eating and sleeping badly, bogged down by stress, sitting down for 14 or 15 hours a day, and then ,in a rush of enthusiasm or guilt, suddenly decide to punish your body in a 30-45 minute sweatfest, should you be surprised if you become injured or ill?

It’s crazy but so many are doing just that at this time of year. When it fails they will tell themselves that they tried to exercise or lose weight but it didn’t work!

You CAN be that 76 year old (or 50 year old) outrunning 20 year olds but probably not the way you think you can. You need to address lifestyle first and foremost – the whole mind/body thing. Stop looking for the quick fix and use a progressive method that works for the long haul.

Get in touch now to find out more about the Ultrafit50 Programme. Time is running out if you really want to get serious about those running goals!

PS. You don’t have to be 76 to take part, but you can be!

Call or text 07504439555.

Email: info@roadstofreedom.net




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