Distance running success for the older runner.


        I get it, I absolutely do! You’ve been running for some time now. You love running, or at least how it makes you feel. That sense of absolute liberation when you’re out running and the wonderful exhaustion you feel afterwards as you soak in a hot bath. Your mind is calmer now and you can enjoy the guilt-free pleasures of eating and putting your feet up, because you’ve given your body the movement it craved. You feel happy in yourself that you managed to drag yourself out in the cold and rain – a sense of accomplishment, another tick in the training box. You were reluctant, your mind kept telling you ‘you’re tired, take it easy today and start again tomorrow – you’ve been working hard all day, you deserve a rest, a treat, a glass of wine, a sugary treat’.


If you don’t run you get grumpy and don’t feel right. You need to get out in the fresh air and sweat it out, get rid of all that stress. You’ve taken part in some races at different distances, maybe even a marathon (although you really struggled to walk let alone run for the last 6 miles or so). You would like to run faster, although you realise that, at your age, you are not going to be an Olympian. Still it’d be nice to do a sub 4 hour marathon or better perhaps. The problem is that you seem to get injured every few months – nothing serious perhaps, just niggling aches and pains that stop your running every now and again. You hate this because it stops you doing what you love. In Winter, you get regular colds as well – your immune system is always struggling to cope. All of these things, plus family and work commitments, always see to get in the way of going further with the sport you love.

That’s just life, right? WRONG!

All of these things can be managed successfully and you can achieve your running dream, whatever age you are. Running doesn’t always have to take a back seat, there’s no need for you to be regularly injured or ill, you can get faster or go further. In fact you can achieve almost anything you want. What if I told you that I have a method that can get you to your long distance goal in the minimum of time, without breaking your body down, in an enjoyable way that will give you a much better quality of life and you can still keep your partner and work happy?

This method needs you to put aside a lot of your preconceptions about training and lifestyle and just try a different approach to the one you’ve been using unthinkingly for so long.

My method works because;

  1.  My method does not require you to run massive mileages every week, nor to run 6 or 7 times per week. This is counter-productive and part of the reason you are often injured or ill. If you are preparing for a certain distance, let’s say marathon, you are training to run very LONG on one particular day, so why on earth would you do a whole load of shot and medium length runs. How is that preparing you? Equally, if you’re preparing for, say a 4 hour marathon, your task is to learn to run relatively slowly for a long time, so why would you do much or any speed work to develop your anaerobic system at the expense of your aerobic system? You can run a marathon on no more than 3 days running per week if you like and that running can be relaxed, easy and enjoyable. Moreover you have much reduced risk of injury or illness, more time for other commitments etc. Most important, despite what you instinctively believe, you will perform better. Less is often more and most marathon runners train too often and run too hard in training.
  2. My method addresses the way you move – running gait, posture, muscular imbalances, mobility issues, leaving you running with much less risk of injury and with a lot more freedom. It also massively improves performance so you can run faster and further more easily.
  3. Running success is not just about running. It is also about all the other lifestyle pieces which have a massive impact on how you run, injury and illness; the mental aspect, sleep, stress, hydration and nutrition are massive players in all of this and, if you’re not addressing these and just hoping that just doing more running makes these unnecessary, then you are heading for failure I’m afraid, certainly in the medium to long term. You will be given advice and monitored on all of this as part of the programme.

This method works and will enable you to integrate your running success seamlessly into your busy life, keeping boss and partner happy, leaving you with more energy, fitter, healthier and , most importantly, loving your running even more because you will so look forward to every single run you do.

With this method you don’t need to think – I do all your planning for you – it’s just a question then of how closely you manage to follow the simple programme. If you follow it perfectly then you will get perfect results.

How can I be so confident? Apart from the fact that it has worked for myself and other clients, it also makes scientific sense. Most runners are guilty of overtraining and doing the wrong kind of training because they love running so much. A more intelligent, considered approach gets much better results every time.

I am so certain that this method works that I am prepared to make you an absolute promise; if you don’t achieve your running goal after 6 months, then I will continue working with you for FREE until you do.

Want to know more? Arrange an initial consultation/ running assessment with video analysis free until the end of January. You will be emailed a copy of the video and I will give you some individual pointers to work on. ALL FREE!

Phone David on 07504439555 or email; info@roadstofreedom.net.

Visit the running page at http://www.roadstofreedom.net/the-running-gym.



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