How to run faster – from couch potato to podium.

An old blog post from 2015, but still mighty relevant.



Most people, once they start jogging or running, reach a point where they want to learn to run faster, especially if they are relatively young, so let me tell you my own story.

In my mid twenties I was practically a vegetable. Weighing just 7 stones, I had spent the previous 7 or 8 years systematically destroying my body and mind with a 40 a day cigarette habit, drinking round the clock and hardly bothering to eat. If I ate it was usually chocolate bars or junk food.

Within a couple of years I was a very good club runner, running 5.10- 5.20 second mile pace, winning local fun runs and placing well in serious road races. I ran a 1hr 13 min half marathon, sub 33 minutes for 10k and sub 16mins for 5k. I wouldn’t describe myself as a natural born runner having short legs. So how did…

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