Run faster in 2018 with the Running Gym method – guaranteed!



As a runner myself, I know what it is that prevents most runners from reaching their potential and it’s not lack of running normally. Most runners would like to run faster once they’ve been running for a while. These are the main factors preventing progress;

  1. Injuries – 70-80% of runners are injured every year.
  2. Lack of understanding of training principles and just wanting to run at 80-85% effort every time they run, over the same distance.
  3. Poor biomechanics – inefficient and damaging gait.
  4. Poor mobility and strength in key areas.
  5. Nutrition, sleep, stress and other lifestyle factors.
  6. Self-belief.

At the Running Gym I have developed a simple, clear method for addressing all of these and taking your running to the next level, whatever your starting point – guaranteed! Starting from a treadmill video analysis to diagnose what’s causing the limitations and taking you through a systematic process to make you faster with less effort.

My guided programme is available in 1:1 or small group format (maximum 4), depending on your availability, budget etc. Individual sessions are currently £40 per hourly session and small group sessions £15 per head, payable monthly in advance. These rates are set to rise in 2018, so register your interest now and ideally reserve your preferred time slot, as these will fill quickly.

These are the currently available small group time slots at the White Horse Leisure centre gym;

Monday 7-8pm

Tuesday 12-1pm

Wednesday 3-4pm and 6-7pm (beginners only session)

Thursday 6.30-7.30pm.

Please let me know if you wish to book your time and I will respond with payment details. If you are unable to make your reserved time, you will be allowed to attend another session that same week, subject to availability, but please give 24 hours notice. Individual sessions are available at other times of course.

These methods work and have already achieved great success with the group of runners using the Running Gym method in November and December. My guarantee to you is that you will achieve your goal within 6 months or your sessions will be FREE until you do so.

Take your running to the next level in 2018.

Contact David now on 07504439555 or email






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