Fat loss; the simple truth and the evidence.





Next week, many people will be starting their weight loss journey in earnest. Some will take up running as part of this process and this is great for your mental and physical health.

Running in isolation, though, no matter how much you do, will not achieve much weight loss, as these pictures prove.

The photos at the top were taken today after a year of reduced exercise and eating plentifully whenever hungry. No calorie counting or restriction and much less exercise than last year.

Weight  63 kilos

Body fat 17%

Muscle mass 50 kilos

Metabolic age 33

Visceral fat level 9.

The photo at the bottom was taken at the end of my 7 day run along the Pembrokeshire Coastal Path (186 miles, 30,000 feet of climbing). The end of several years of endurance training. Supposedly burning 6000 plus calories on many days and really not eating that much.

Weight  72 kilos

Body fat 25%

Muscle mass 50 kgs

Metabolic age 50+

Visceral fat level 13.

Still believe it’s about burning more calories than you consume through hard exercise, willpower and calorie counting??

If you want to take a short cut to the truth and save yourself a whole load of time and effort following official advice or crazy HIIT programmes or the latest fad diet, just get in touch and I’ll be happy to share the incredibly simple, little effort way to shed body fat. This will definitely improve your running too!

Call or text David on 07504439555.

Email: info@roadstofreedom.net

Website: http://www.roadstofreedom.net.

Do it now before the New Year’s nonsense begins – soon you will be engulfed in confusion and not know who to trust. Look at again at the photographic evidence and judge for yourself who to believe.




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