6 ways to become a faster runner.

faster runner

It’s a familiar scenario. You’ve been running regularly for a while now. When you first started you seemed to run faster every time you went out. Now, although you still get many of the health benefits from running, you’d like to know how to get faster. When you plateau, as all runners do, just how do you get faster? Here are my top 6 tips for getting that new PB in the coming year;

  1. Structure your actual running training according to your goal. If your target is a 5k PB, you don’t need lots of steady state miles during race season. One over distance longer run per week, one run at threshold pace, one set of longer repetitions (1000-2000 metres) and one of shorter intervals (400-800 metres) would be maximum workload for most – anything else just very low intensity recovery jogging for recovery.
  2. Target fat loss for faster running. This is massive, even without any run training.
  3. Address muscular imbalances  – typically in runners this means you need stronger glutes and abdominals and more upper back and rear shoulder strength to enable better arm drive and posture, for starters.
  4. Tackle immobility in hips, ankles and calves.
  5. Look after your feet – this is where it all begins and many injury issues emanate from problems here.
  6. Minimise stress and maximise recovery. Prioritise sleep and practice meditation. Engage in some other physical activities that use different muscle groups in different ways.

At The Running Gym I have a programme that takes you through all of this and more. The result is a faster runner who enjoys his or her running more than ever. Your goals will be achieved within 6 months or I will continue to train you for free until you do. This is my confident guarantee to you.

Programmes are delivered in 1:1 or small group format. Spaces are limited so beat the January rush by contacting David now to register interest and lock into 2017 rates.







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