From overweight, unfit and tired to lean, energetic machine – Roads to Freedom.



Right now you feel fat and bloated, drained of energy, permanently tired. You have aches and pains in many places and even the simplest of movements cause you physical discomfort. As a result the last thing you want to do is exercise or even get up and prepare a meal. So you order a take away or pop a ready meal in the microwave. You know it’s not good for you but you’re so tired, what with work and the children and your mother or your partner and all of the stress it’s causing.

You catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror and wish you hadn’t. You feel unattractive, you keep having to buy ever larger size dresses and jeans. You can’t understand it. You don’t really eat very much, you’ve been dieting for years, you’ve even tried going to the gym – nothing worked. You had been to Slimming World or Weight Watchers and that worked for a while – you lost lots of weight and your friends told you how good you looked. Unfortunately, the weight loss stopped though and you started gaining weight again. You cursed yourself for not being stronger, for not having the willpower to stop comfort eating and for not going to the gym and hammering away on the treadmill. The trouble is that none of it really seemed to make much difference, whatever diet you went on or however much you tried to exercise – you just got fatter and even more tired.

Your friends are a comfort to you though because they are mostly like you – they like to get together and enjoy life. When you’re with them it’s normal to have a few glasses of wine and a pudding or two – it relieves your stress for a while. Unfortunately, it disturbs your sleep and you wake up in the early hours with recriminations, suffering from indigestion and heartburn and a headache. Why was I so weak you ask yourself? You know it’s not good for you but you just can’t resist the pressure of your friends or partner  telling you it’s ok – enjoy yourself, don’t be the party pooper!

I’m here to tell you that there is another way and that you are strong enough to turn this round, whatever you tell yourself now. You can start buying smaller dresses again, you can look in the mirror and think ‘wow, I look great for my age’. You can have the energy to not only complete your daily tasks easily but have enough to take part in all kinds of physical activities again without pain. You will feel lean, healthy and fit for life. You will sleep much better and handle the stresses of life easily, no matter what is throw at you. Your new friends who are happy and positive people just like you will welcome you into their group and admire you for how far you’ve come. Your partner will respect you and find you attractive again, your kids will love you, especially now you can do more things with them. You will have the confidence to answer all those negative ex-friends who wanted to keep you down with a knowing smile and maybe even one or two might feel brave enough to leave their cosy little circle based on ‘we are the victims of life – there’s nothing we can do’ and choose to learn from you instead. You will no longer be dependent on others – you will call the shots instead and people will sit up and listen for once because they can see your results for themselves – it’s no longer just promises.

You will reach the point where you get to choose when you eat and what you eat. The cravings will no longer rule your life. You know you can indulge now and again because you will have the secret remedy right at your finger tips whenever you choose to use it. You will enjoy your food more than ever and you will look forward to expending all your new found energy in physical activity. You will feel confident and in control because you know you have done this for yourself and you know exactly how to achieve more if you want to. Or you may just choose to help others achieve their goals too, like me. You will no longer need a personal trainer or the latest fad diet advice because you will have all the knowledge and the motivation to do it all for yourself.

This is why I talk of ‘Roads to Freedom’. Where you are now is slavery, not freedom. You are dependant on other people’s opinions of you, on your cravings, on what others want, on your drugs of choice – whether it be alcohol or tobacco or sugar – it makes no difference. It is time to take control – to be the person you want to be – to change your way of thinking and behaving – to form new habits, to become fit and healthy physically and mentally.  In doing so, you will discover a new freedom to live life to the full. These are the Roads to Freedom. Somebody once said that a journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step and for many this first step is the hardest to take. It’s by no means as hard as it seems now and if you really want to change I can absolutely guarantee to take you there one step at a time, without any overnight radical changes. I don’t promise you a quick fix – if that’s what you are hoping for choose another trainer or the next fad diet and I wish you luck, because you’re going to need it. Within 3 months you will see a substantial improvement in your life. Within 6 months everybody will be astonished at how far you’ve come. Within one year you will no longer need another trainer or another diet because you will be totally independent and know everything you need to know and be able to implement it yourself. If you are not, then I’ll work with you for nothing until you reach that goal. That’s how confident I am about the inevitable outcome.

Still not sure? Ask me to show you some testimonials from other satisfied clients – I’ll be happy to do so.

Take that first step now by getting in touch for a free consultation.

Phone: 07504439555 and ask for David.

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