Exciting new discovery – stopping eating causes fat loss!



So when exactly did losing weight suddenly become this massively complex problem? After all, it must be a problem right, otherwise all the scientists and the Government would have come up with the solution by now?

The funny thing is that, before the obesity epidemic began in around the 1970’s, everybody understood what caused us to get fat. Your grandparents could have told you that it was too much indulgence in sweet foods and generally eating too much that caused weight gain, along with snacking between meals which as frowned upon because it would ‘spoil your appetite’.

Then an American president had a heart attack, Ancel Keys produced a ridiculously flawed ‘study’ claiming that dietary fat must be the problem and millions of people across the world have died or become chronically ill by following the official advice. Anybody claiming that processed carbohydrates might be the real obvious issue, not fat, was vilified, ostracised from the ‘scientific’ community and ridiculed by the low fat brigade.

At the same time, Big Food and Big Pharma and a massive booming ‘health and fitness’ and supplement industry pushed the energy balance theory for their own profit. You can eat as much sugar and junk as you like as long as you burn it off through exercise they proclaimed. Still we got fatter and more ill. Still today they are peddling the same nonsense and still there are fitness instructors and personal trainers and coca cola and many more telling you that ‘a calorie is just a calorie’ and that it doesn’t matter whether it comes from broccoli or cake, you can just ‘burn it up’.

Wise up, people, you have been conned! Many of these people are well-intentioned and actually believe this because thy have been told it so often by authority that they think it’s established science. It’s not! All of these established beliefs have been disproven over and over again by real science but, because they think they already know certain things are true, they reason that there must be something wrong with the research results!

For instance, we know that it’s only calories in versus calories out so therefore anybody gaining weight must therefore be too greedy or too lazy right? And people blame themselves instead of the advice they have been given an that self-loathing causes them to get fatter still!

The simple truth is that there are 3 main factors in weight management and exercise has little to do with any of them directly (although it changes habits generally and helps with many things);

  1.  Eating too many processed, inflammatory, toxic foods, mostly processed carbohydrates.
  2.  Eating too regularly, thus not allowing insulin to drop low enough to encourage fat burning and promoting fat storage instead.
  3.  Stress.

The clear answer to the problem is to eat mostly real foods, 1-2 times per day, with no snacks or sugar drinks, to eat when hungry and until full when you do eat and to minimise stress in your life as far as possible.

Apart from myself, I can give you testimony after testimony from clients and others I know who follow these principles. Without fail they use the weight and feel better. Those who struggle are virtually always those who are either incredibly stressed out or who struggle with the psychological aspects of eating – craving sugars or wanting to overeat for various reasons.

It’s not rocket science! it has deliberately been made complicated to sell products and services. There’s no money in real foods or intermittent fasting or proper good health, but there’s loads to be made out of the ‘energy balance theory’ and selling the drugs that keep people ill.

Once you’ve questioned this paradigm and found it absurd, you then start to see the hand of big business behind most of the other commonly accepted beliefs about health and fitness. My advice? Question everything and listen to your own body – see what works for you.

If in any doubt be sure to consult your GP. Remember that certain groups – children, pregnant women, those on medication etc. do have special nutritional requirements, so take advice if unsure.

To set up a free consultation to address your own fitness or weight management concerns, please do contact me on 07504439555 or by email at info@roadstofreedom.net.

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