What price your life?




‘I can’t afford a personal trainer’.

I hear this all the time. Then I look at the £800 phone, the £20,000 car, the £2000 holiday, the designer clothes etc.
So what can a trainer do for you that these can’t?

Well studies have shown that even an obese individual who engages in regular moderate physical exercise stands to live 8 years longer than an obese person who does not work out. How much would you pay for 8 extra years of life? How much is 8 years salary worth in itself? In average salary terms, around £200,000. Then there’s the extra quality of your whole life as well of course. Let’s say you’re 40 and you’re going to get another 40 years of better life. 40 years of improved energy, looking better, better relationships, increased productivity in your working life etc. What’s that worth? At least £10,000 a year surely? So that’s another £400,000.
So that’s £600,000. And you are seriously telling me that you don’t want to make an investment of a few hundred or maximum a thousand or so pounds to get a likely return that’s worth £600,000?
Are you sure?

Reflect on this and then get in touch for a free consultation now in order to maximise your benefits.

Phone: David 07504439555.

Website: http://www.roadstofreedom.net

Email: info@roadstofreedom.net







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