18 (yes 18!) benefits of fasting.


Is skipping the odd meal bad for your health?! On the contrary; here are 18 benefits of intermittent fasting, without even trying!

Improved mental clarity, memory and focus.

Weight and fat loss.

Lowers blood sugar levels

Improves insulin sensitivity

Increases energy levels

Lowers blood cholesterol

Possible prevention of Alzheimer’s Disease.

Greater longevity.

Reverses the Ageing process

Decreases inflammation

Increases human growth hormone.

Zero cost

Very convenient.

Frees up more time.

Reduces blood pressure and lowers heart rate.

Decreases atherosclerosis.

Increases fat burning.

Decreases leptin (hunger hormone).


Children and pregnant or breast feeding women should not fast due to additional nutrient requirements. Anybody else on medication or in any doubt whatsoever should consult their GP before undertaking fasting.



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