6 Good Points about the Slimming World way.


Most of my weight management clients have been or still are active members of Slimming World. Most have lost weight initially through a combination of social support and an improvement in their nutrition. This does not, of course, mean that their views on nutrition completely coincide with my own, but here are 6 good reasons why they do help a lot of people;

  1. In joining them, people have at least recognised that being overweight is a serious health issue and decided to try to do something about it, instead of being in denial like so many.
  2. The sense of a common cause and social support, especially for women, is a very powerful factor in achieving results.
  3. For most people joining the SW diet it will no doubt be a massive improvement on the rubbish they were probably eating before and so it can be a good stepping stone on the way to healthier eating if we look upon it as a staging post rather than the final destination. Some people need something like this when transitioning to a healthier lifestyle.
  4. They seem to place emphasis on preparing most food from scratch.
  5. They do not engage in calorie counting.
  6. They understand that change must be sustainable.

Of course good health is not only about losing weight and they do seem to understand that being physically active is also important. My advice, if you’re new to the idea of regular exercise, is to get yourself checked over by your GP and then a properly qualified and experienced fitness professional. I have had instances recently where clients have come to me for help after having thrown themselves into completely inappropriate, very intense, group exercise classes in their enthusiasm to lose weight. The chances of you getting injured or discouraged are very high indeed in this environment where most instructors cannot possibly monitor every individual adequately.

If you would like advice on how to ease yourself into a safe, sensible, properly monitored fitness regime, that is appropriate to your current level of fitness, then, as a fitness and weight management specialist personal trainer, I am always happy to offer advice completely free of charge. Seven or eight years ago I had a serious weight problem myself and now have the rewarding task of helping others deal with these issues by applying what I have learnt.

Call or text me on 07504439555 or email me at davidperry57@sky.com




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