5 Simple Steps to Start Losing Fat Now.



A short post today to get right to the point about fat loss. I should know – I was 85 kilos at the age of 53, reduced to 64 kilos 5 years later and now weigh in at 67 kilos. I didn’t just lose the weight – I kept it off. How many people in their fifties can say that?

If you want to do the same, this is what you need to do in five simple steps;

  1.  Eat a low carbohydrate, high fat, moderate protein diet.
  2.  Eat only real, unprocessed whole foods without an ingredients label. This is what you are designed to eat, not food-like products made in a factory.
  3.  Stop counting calories – this does not work for over 99% of people! Insulin is the main factor in fat gain, not overeating or under-exercising, and the above diet will massively reduce your insulin levels.
  4.  Drink lots of water, some tea and coffee if you like, avoid practically all other drinks. Add salt either to your drinks or food to ensure fluid absorption.
  5.  Take some regular exercise. We could argue ad infinitum about whether short periods of high intensity exercise or long periods of low intensity exercise burn more fat – the truth is it won’t make much difference either way unless you are on a low carb diet.

Once you have adapted to this way of eating, you can accelerate the process of fat loss by intermittent fasting if you wish, where appropriate. This has many other health benefits besides weight loss.

These five steps will of course be problematic for many people, but just try to get as close as you can at first – it doesn’t have to be all or nothing. Like with our training, we’re aiming for constant improvement, not measuring ourselves against some arbitrary ideal.

Of course, always consult your qualified medical practitioner if you have any medical issues or are on any kind of medication.

To learn more contact David on 07504439555 or by email at davidperry57@sky.com.

2 thoughts on “5 Simple Steps to Start Losing Fat Now.

  1. Thanks for the nugget of information… I always knew counting calories made no sense and sugar was the culprit all along… besides I cant count..!!!🙈🙈🙉 and I agree whole foods are the way to go…great informative post….


    1. Thanks – glad you enjoyed it. People say it’s all so confusing so I just tried to make it simple – which of course it is – no other animal gets fat unless we have a hand in it. We are designed to burn mostly fat for energy not sugar – just like all the other animals that we think we are so different from. I’ve never seen a lion or a monkey having to count calories to regulate their weight – it’s a totally absurd idea.


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