Weight management and physical fitness for the older population.

Old People Hiking - Senior Activities


        Working with the more mature client requires a good understanding of the difficulties they typically face;

  1. Weight gain around the waist, hips and buttocks in the case of women and high visceral fat levels around the middle in men, caused primarily by a diet high in refined carbohydrates. This older generation have paid a heavy price (no pun intended) for adherence to atrocious dietary guidelines provided by Government.
  2. Aching, stiff joints and tight muscles, especially if they have lived a sedentary life. Forward head carriage, rounded shoulders causing neck and shoulder pain, lower back pain and hip immobility from too much sitting and poor posture. Feet wrecked from wearing tight fitting shoes and much much more.
  3. As we age we also need longer to recover from hard bouts of exercise unless we manage the workout and the recovery process wisely.
  4. Family and work commitments can make regular training difficult, especially it seems for women who feel they need to put the needs of family members before their own health sometimes.
  5. Many people have been prescribed a whole cocktail of medication for a wide variety of conditions and this affects their ability to train and be healthy.
  6. Tight hips, trashed knees and painful shoulders.
  7. Sometimes they can be set in their ways, resistant to change,  having always done the same routine more or less.
  8. Often their expectations are low, just aiming to ‘preserve their fitness and health’ instead of progressing.
  9. Frequently they have had personal trainers before and been injured by inappropriate sessions and felt that trainers weren’t listening to them enough.

The majority of my clients are in the 40-65 age group so I’ve got a lot of experience of what is required. Many just want to lose body fat and feel well, a few have more ambitious goals like completing a triathlon, doing a 5k run or even a marathon in a good time, completing a long bike ride, getting in shape for a skiing holiday or a walking holiday. Some just want to improve their posture to reduce their aches and pains.

Whatever age and shape you are, whatever your goals, you can achieve far more than you ever thought possible. I know because I have been that overweight, unfit 52 year old and went from there to completing an ironman distance triathlon, several 100 kilometre runs and even running the entire length of the Pembrokeshire Coastal Path in a week (around 300 kilometres, with 35,000 feet of climbing).

You don’t have to do that unless you want to, but you owe it to yourself and your family to get in the best shape you can in a safe way. Start with a free, friendly, no obligation consultation. Then, if you decide to proceed, you will undergo a thorough assessment to establish your current level of fitness, including postural and gait analysis, mobility, cardiovascular fitness, strength etc. I make sure you’re moving correctly before I ask you to do anything that’s likely to injure you and, if you have issues relating to posture, mobility, muscular imbalances, balance etc. there is ongoing work to address these as we proceed with a progressive training programme.

For the rest of this month I am offering both the consultation and the assessment completely free of charge to anybody over 40 years old. You will receive detailed feedback on all aspects of your current fitness, together with a clear idea of how to improve it. This is the most vital information you could possibly have because, if you’re not fit for life’s daily challenges, nothing else really matters. And I’m offering it free until 30th June to mature clients.

Email; davidperry57@sky.com

Phone or text; 07504439555.




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