Strength and conditioning sessions can help your young footballer to improve.


Early this season I had a call from a concerned father. His son was a promising footballer on the books of Oxford United and previously Southampton. He was worried that, although his son had plenty of skill and speed, he was getting too easily bullied off the ball. He wondered if I could help him by building a little more strength into his game. I went to watch him play and this confirmed what dad had said – good pace and finding some good positions but lacking the confidence to really get involved in the physical side of the game, always coming off second best in those challenges he did make.

Well we’ve been working once a week since then, alongside his regular coaching sessions with the club. I’ve watched him get stronger and stronger, with the result that he has grown much more confident (which is probably the real key here), tackling with controlled aggression and both scoring and assisting with goals regularly. During the last couple of weeks, all this hard work has paid off and he has just been awarded a new 2 year contract with the club, as well as being selected to join a very strong county team in recent trials. Needless to say, dad is delighted. Although most of the credit for this achievement is down to his son’s great work ethic, he wrote me a very kind testimonial. I include this here, just to demonstrate the effect that working on strength and conditioning in a controlled, football specific way, even at quite a young age, can have on improving confidence and bringing out the best in a young player. In short, it has given him a very clear edge over those not doing this work.


I cannot thank you enough for the help you have given my 12 year old son to improve his performance as an academy footballer. The fitness sessions you designed and delivered for him have certainly improved his strength, pace, stamina and confidence to compete at this level of football.

He has recently been awarded a new two year contract with his club and I am convinced your training has played a major part in this achievement. My son has thoroughly enjoyed your sessions and the benefits they have provided. I will certainly be recommending you to other parents of academy football players. See you at the start of next season.


If you would like to give your youngster the edge in the extremely competitive world of professional football next season, please get in touch with me early to avoid disappointment, as I will be starting to prepare players before the season begins and I only have limited availability in my timetable.

Call David on 07504439555 or email for a free consultation and assessment.

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