10 top tips for better sleep


Following on from yesterday’s blog, here are my 10 top tips for getting regular deep sleep;

  1. Work out what is the earliest time you have to get up during the week and get up at this time every day, including days off. This sets the body into a regular rhythm which is what it prefers. You may feel quite tired during the day for a week or so until you adapt to the new cycle.2.
  2. If you have to go to bed late then don’t sleep in the next day, but catch a quick nap early afternoon or early evening. Don’t go to bed for this otherwise you may end up sleeping longer.
  3. Don’t lie awake in bed worrying about not sleeping. Get up and do something else until you are ready to sleep.
  4. Avoid the following in the last few hours before bedtime; alcohol, food, more than one drink, sleeping tablets, intense exercise.
  5. Aim for high quality of sleep, not volume – better 6 hours of really good quality sleep than 12 hours tossing and turning.
  6. Keep the bedroom free of technology and electric lighting where possible. Candles are a good option.
  7. Avoid TV and other devices for at least an hour before bedtime. A short walk in the fresh air, calming music, meditation, massage are all much better options to prepare for sleep.
  8. Treat the last hour before bedtime as preparation for sleep and recovery.
  9. Create a dark, cool, silent environment for optimum sleep.
  10. Take regular exercise in the daylight every day.

There are few things more important than getting proper sleep, so plan for it just as you would any other aspect of your training regime.


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