The most important part of any training regime.



What is the most important factor in any fitness programme? Is it the right programme, a good trainer, the right equipment, the right nutrition?

No, the most important factor is a positive attitude. If you believe in your success and are prepared to commit to it wholeheartedly then you will almost certainly get there. You will encounter setbacks along the way, but accept this and vow to learn from your experience.  Be prepared to try different things and keep an open mind – what’s right for one person is not right for another, so don’t follow other people’s programmes or dietary regimes etc, but formulate your own, whilst always trying to further your scientific knowledge to your own advantage. Set realistic but ambitious long and short term goals and don’t let things drift along – always challenge yourself in different ways and work on your weaknesses as well as your strengths. Don’t waste your time in your comfort zone but keep driving forward.

Above all, believe and you will achieve – everything is possible. Remember faith can move mountains and every one of us is capable of so much more than we can ever imagine. Whatever your age, whatever your current condition, stop saying ‘I can’t’, for life is not a rehearsal – get control of your mindset and the rest will follow.

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