Full details of weight loss programme, costs, options etc.

Weight loss programme – January 2017.

Thanks for your enquiry.

Here is a quick rough guide to the various options which can be discussed further at an initial totally free, no obligation, consultation.

This programme follows a number of basic tried and tested principles that results consistently show leads to better weight management, improved physical fitness, better mood etc. This does not mean that everyone is treated exactly the same because different people have different levels of fitness, injury or mobility limitations, individual lifestyles etc. etc. There is an initial free, no obligation, consultation where I find out a lot more about you and what you wish to achieve exactly. Then everybody wishing to proceed undergoes an initial fitness test which includes body composition, postural and movement assessment, aerobic fitness, strength, flexibility etc. The results are used to devise a personalised, progressive programme for you, working towards your goals, with specific measurable targets. Every 2-3 months there is a further fitness test leading to a review, with new targets being set and the programme tweaked as necessary to get the results you desire. Clients also are asked to keep a for diary for a week, from which an individual nutrition plan is proposed, which is not based on calorie counting or deprivation, but gradual sustained change appropriate to that client.

After 3-6 months there will be significant measurable progress towards your goals, assuming you follow the programme. In the frankly very unlikely scenario where you have followed the programme and not attained your goals or made very significant progress towards them after 6 months, then I will be happy to refund you in full. This has, to date, never happened, because I only take on committed clients and these methods get results, as past and current clients will testify (I can supply you with testimonials if you wish).

Sessions can take place either at the White Horse Leisure Centre where I am a licensed level 3 REPS Personal Trainer or at your own home assuming you have a reasonable amount of space available either inside or outside. I will devise a training programme appropriate for that environment and have some mobile equipment which I use.
This programme will be heavily discounted because people are basically committing to 2-3 sessions per week for 3-6 months and paying up front for a minimum of 3 months sessions at a time. My normal standard rate for PT sessions is £40-£45 per hour, but for this special programme this will be reduced to £32.50 for those taking 2 sessions per week and £30 per session for those taking 3 sessions per week. For this programme, I will also be providing a free personalised nutrition plan and ongoing guidance (I normally charge £30 for this service) and free programme design (normally £30 also).
So, to give you an idea of how this works out in practice;

2 sessions per week for 3 months = 24 sessions x £32.50 = £780.

3 sessions per week for 3 months = 36 sessions x £30 = £1080.

It normally takes around 6 months to fully ingrain the new habits and minimise the risk of slipping back into old ways, so two blocks of 3 months is recommended ideally. Reasonable allowance will always be made for holidays, illness, injuries etc., and the period extended as necessary to accommodate these, within reasonable limits.

Recently added.

Since I wrote the above a lot of people have expressed an interest in my weight loss training and nutrition programme, but I am very aware that, even with the heavily discounted rates that I am charging for this programme (around 30% off my normal rates), it is quite a lot of money for some people to find at this financially stretched time of year.
Therefore I have decided to offer 2 further options to make it easier for you to enjoy the results of this programme, because I don’t like the idea that people shouldn’t benefit from this just because they can’t afford it.

Option 1.

You commit to a minimum of 3 months but can pay in three equal instalments, instead of paying it all up front. This applies to both the two sessions and three sessions per week programmes. Therefore the two sessions per week would be 3 monthly instalments of £260 and the three sessions per week would cost £360 per month.

Option 2.

You take just one session per week for a minimum of 3 months and commit to repeat the same session on your own at least one further time each week. The cost of this would be £35 per session. The individualised nutrition plan and ongoing support, plus individual programme design would again be included free. Therefore the total cost for the three months would be £420, which can be paid in 3 equal instalments of £140. I can take on more than 4 new clients if they take this option.

If you are the kind of person who can motivate themselves easily and has a good understanding of correct movement, posture and technique, and just needs a bit more know-how, this last option may suit you. If not, then you probably need 2-3 sessions per week with myself to get optimal results. In my experience most people need at least 6 months to get sustained results and not be in danger of slipping back, so with these 2 options I cannot offer a money back guarantee.

Please contact me on 07504439555 or at davidperry57@sky.com to discuss these options further or to arrange a free consultation.

I also recommend that you visit my fitness blog at http://www.ultrafit50plus.com for information on a variety of fitness topics, including nutrition, weight management, training methods, plus what I have learnt from my own experiences both as a trainer and as an Ironman distance triathlete and ultra marathon runner.

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