Wanted; 4 people to lose weight and feel better – results guaranteed or your money back!

In 2016;

G, female, aged 32, lost 10 kgs in 6 months.

B, male, aged 42, lost 5 kgs in 3 months and achieved his goal of completing a 439 kms bike ride in the Alps.

D, male, aged 72, lost 8 kgs in 6 months, can now run nearly 2 kms in 10 minutes, perform 25 full press ups and hold a plank for more than 2 minutes.

S, female, aged 48, lost 8 kgs over the year.

Real people, real results, and there are many more. Their success is down to them, not me, but they all followed a similar approach to weight loss and fitness which included the following;

  1. A sensible, sustainable nutrition plan, minimising sugar intake in all its forms.
  2. Some strength training.
  3. Some cardio, but not traditional steady state cardio which doesn’t work for weight loss. some high intensity circuit and interval type training as appropriate for their level of fitness (age doesn’t really come into it).
  4. Some work on posture, mobility and functional movement to prevent injury as intensity increased.
  5. Plenty of non-exercise activity – walking, gentle swimming, yoga etc.

Now, in 2017, I’m looking for a maximum of 4 people to experience the same success. You will follow a programme that is right for you as an individual, taking all your personal circumstances into account. However, it will be based on the principles outlined above because I know this is what gets long-term sustainable results. If you just want a quick fix or you’re just playing at New Year’s Resolutions then this is not for you. I’m looking for people who are seriously looking to improve not just their shape but their life for the better permanently. I only want 4 new people because I want to give them my full attention.

You need to be able to commit to 2-3 personal training sessions per week for a minimum of 3-6 months, and be open to the idea of gradual nutritional change. For this select group of clients I will be offering an exceptional deal in terms of price and I will be offering a FULL MONEY BACK GUARANTEE if you follow the whole programme faithfully and don’t lose weight and feel better.

Contact David now on 07504439555 or by email at davidperry57@sky.com for a free consultation.


3 thoughts on “Wanted; 4 people to lose weight and feel better – results guaranteed or your money back!

    1. Hi Al. Thanks for your enquiry. There are a number of options and the opportunity to pay in instalments if required. If you can let me have an email address, I’ll send you a document with the different options tomorrow. Cheers.


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