Quick bodyweight HIIT session to promote weight loss

Are you pressed for time?  Not enough hours in the day to train? Here is an example of a very short, simple session you can perform at home, in the gym, in your hotel room, in the garden, in your lunch break – whenever you’ve got a spare 15-20 minutes. A combination of cardio, strength and muscular endurance to promote general fitness, weight loss and toning for the whole body in the minimum of time. More bang for your buck as they say.

2 minutes of star jumps to warm up, then each of the following with little or no rest in between;

  1. Sprint on the spot to the count of 30.
  2. Press ups or kneeling press ups or wall press ups (depending on ability) to maximum.
  3. 20 squats.
  4. 15  superman (lie on your front with arms and legs stretched straight out, then raise arms and legs off floor keeping core tight).
  5. 20 forward lunges, alternate legs.
  6. Plank to maximum.
  7. 10 tuck jumps or vertical jumps.
  8. 20 bicycle crunches.

Rest for 2 minutes, then repeat.

Total time 15-20 minutes.

Focus on good form at all times, rather than speed. If you’re not sure what good form is then contact me on 07504439555 or by email at davidperry57@sky.com. I’ll be more than happy to give you half an hour to show you how to perform these exercises and more safely and prevent injury. Poor movement patterns, lack of mobility and bad posture are the root cause of most non-contact injuries. This is an area of considerable interest to me so I’ll look forward to advising you on how to improve these. This is not just about boring old ineffective injury prevention by static stretches which don’t achieve much. This is about maximising your physical performance, whatever your sport.

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