Tense, aching shoulders?

If there is one postural abnormality that practically all my clients suffer from it is rounded, hunched shoulders, often accompanied by a head that juts forward to a greater or lesser degree. Very commonly, they suffer from headaches and neck pain, sore shoulders and upper back and usually they have restricted movement somewhere in these areas – sometimes they can’t turn their neck without pain and very often cannot raise their arms directly overhead.

Unfortunately this is usually the result of modern lifestyle. We spend a large part of the day hunched over computers or smart phones or other devices. If we’re not working at our desks, we are frequently found sitting down, which, also encourages a badly organised spine and slouched shoulders. Even those who consider themselves to be active and not sedentary, in reality struggle to clock up more than 4 or 5 hours a day of genuinely active time. That means probably around 12 waking hours per day of not being physically active and usually involves sitting in an unnatural position.  Over time, this slouched position becomes the default position for our bodies, muscles become over-extended and pain is the body’s signal that something need to be done about this or it will just get worse over time.

I am currently on a campaign to to do something about this with my existing clients and have put together a kind of mini shoulder mobility programme to address these issues. Several clients are already benefitting from this. It takes around 30 minutes to run through the different techniques and exercises.. aimed at giving greater freedom of movement and ultimately less pain and tension if practised regularly. Nearly everybody, including myself, can benefit from this.

If anybody would like to book one of these sessions with me, I am charging just £20 to those who are not existing clients for the 30 minute session. Existing clients can have this built into a session also where appropriate. Please contact me on 07504439555 or by email at davidperry57@sky.com.

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