Why choose a personal trainer?


In my experience people choose a personal trainer for several different reasons:

  1. Because they’ve not used a gym much before and just don’t know where to start. They want to know how to exercise safely.
  2. Because what they’ve been doing up to now just hasn’t helped them to achieve their goal. Most people just go along to the gym and perform a regular routine with which they are comfortable. Sadly this doesn’t get results after the first few weeks.
  3. Because they know they need to train harder but just cannot push themselves on their own – they need to be accountable to succeed.
  4. Because they realise that they don’t have the specialist knowledge to work towards their goals.

A personal trainer should be able to assess your current level of fitness, taking into account any injuries past or present, your exercise history, nutrition, lifestyle  etc. He (or she) should then be able to formulate some measurable goals with you, long and short term, so you can achieve whatever you wish to achieve. They should then be able to support you through your training, demonstrating the correct way to perform exercises safely. They will review your progress periodically and revise your goals and your programme as needed. Training will always be appropriate and progressive, not static, and with clear aims.

Choose your trainer carefully. Pick one that you feel you can relate to and who is a good listener. Some trainers just want to train you the way they train themselves, regardless of your goals and your situation. Secondly, choose one that specialises in the areas where you want to progress. Every trainer has their own interests – some prefer strength work, others cardiovascular fitness or functional fitness, others specialise in weight management or nutrition, they are not all the same.

My own specialist areas are;

  1. Nutrition, weight management and toning.
  2. Endurance sport – running, cycling, triathlon.
  3. Postural analysis and correction.

I am currently offering personalised nutrition plans, either for weight management or sports performance for just £30.

I also offer a free initial consultation to discuss your goals, along with a free body composition check, either in the White Horse Leisure Centre in Abingdon or at your home.

Call me on 07504439555 or email me at davidperry57@sky.com

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