It’s the sugar!


Once again today the media is awash with ‘news’ of the dangers of obesity. Once again we hear the same tired old ‘solutions’ to the problem: consume less calories, exercise more, eat less fat. These are all myths.

Time for a reality check: the massive increase in obesity in the US and UK from around 1980 to 2010 has happened DESPITE a decrease in the overall number of calories consumed, DESPITE a decrease in the amount of dietary fat consumed and DESPITE an increase in activity levels in these two countries (and there are many others that follow this same pattern.) So how can it be related to any of the factors mentioned above? The only macronutrient that has increased over that period in our diets is carbohydrates, i.e.. sugars in all their forms. Why are so-called experts, including governments, still spouting this nonsense about basing meals around starchy carbs, cutting down on dietary fat and joining the gym (beneficial though the latter may be in terms of overall health).

Isn’t it blindingly obvious by now that sugar is the villain of the piece? Insulin is released to deal with the sugars consumed and that’s ok when it’s delivering glucose to the muscles to perform work. However, the constant bombardment of sugar in our diet basically means the excess gets stored as fat as the muscle cells become insulin resistant (to cut a long story short). You cannot train your way out of this scenario – it’s clearly not a case of calories in/ calories out otherwise obesity would have reduced over the last 30 years, given that we’re consuming less and burning more! Cutting out dietary fat will clearly not work either – consider the case of France which has one of the highest consumptions of dietary fat yet a very lean population statistically.

The ONLY solution, unpalatable though it undoubtedly is to most people, is to drastically reduce carbohydrates in our diet. Sugar is probably the biggest danger on the planet today, bigger than terrorism or global warming or anything else. Don’t expect the food companies or their puppet governments to protect you – short term profits and retention of power are their only goals, not your health. Take charge of your nutrition now – read labels, avoid sugars, vote with your purse so they stop making these vile poisonous, addictive products.

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