What price your health?

Woman  with Money Signs

What price your health?

It always amazes me that people think nothing of spending thousands on a new car or gadget and hundreds on jewellery or clothes or a new handbag, yet ask them to spend a few hundred pounds on their health and fitness and they think it’s money wasted. They sometimes commit to a gym membership in January, then don’t use it.
But what is more important than your health? Answer: absolutely nothing at all! If you are struggling to keep a roof over your head and desperately need to earn then I agree that you have to put earning enough to put food on the table first – your health and well-being depend on this. But I meet so many people who have plenty of income and could probably take a year off and still be financially secure, yet they endure long working hours and commutes, loads of stress and say they don’t have time to exercise or eat properly. Or they work their socks off, spend their money on pointless luxuries and treats, yet say they don’t have the money to spend on eating properly or getting fit.
Uh hello!! If you don’t take care of yourself you will die young of horrible painful conditions. Moreover, your life will be miserable and unenjoyable because you gave in to the instant gratification of the new car or handbag, or that sweet treat and you will feel bad at your lack of will to change your life for the better. A lot of people are growing up today in an environment of constant instant self- gratification, never having to struggle or suffer any discomfort, living unfulfilled lives then reaching their forties or fifties and needing to take a cocktail of pills just to keep them anaesthetised from the painful reality of life.
It doesn’t have to be that way! The good news is you can always turn it around and it doesn’t take as long as you think, nor does it have to be a massive, drastic overnight painful change. It doesn’t involve superhuman efforts of will, just a little motivation to change your life for the better, that’s all. Once you take that first small step, you will feel empowered, then people start telling you you look different, better and you start to believe in yourself and your own power, your mental outlook changes. Suddenly you have more confidence, you want to do more, people start to show you more respect, you attract other healthy people into your orbit and this motivates you even more. Sure you might lose some of your old friends, you know the ones that liked to drag you down to their level to make them feel better. Is that a bad thing?
Soon is Christmas. What was once a religious festival with meaning for some has now become an endless orgy of materialism and greed where gluttony and intoxication abound and everyone will be encouraged by commercial interests to spend, eat and drink themselves into oblivion. You don’t have to take this crap on board. You can teach your children that this is not necessary or desirable, you don’t have to play ball with the big corporations that want you to spend yourself into debt to make a handful of greedy people richer still at your expense. Your children would prefer you to do simple things with them than buy stuff you can’t afford which will be cast aside in 5 minutes.
Spend your money on making yourself and them healthier and happier. Invest in your most important asset, your well- being, you don’t need all this stuff, it will only bring unhappiness and dissatisfaction. You don’t need to spend hundreds on a personal trainer (although this is a great idea!). Educate yourself, open your mind and don’t make yourself another victim of society’s expectations. Live your own life and do it your way, stop trying to be what everybody else expects you to be. Get out in the fresh air, move your body, join a gym, attend classes, whatever you like, but take action now before it really is too late and there really is no way back.
In the last month I have taken a number of new clients who have made that change and who are now looking forward to a different life to what they had before, discovering new confidence and belief in themselves. Not just losing weight but feeling better, getting complimented by friends and partners who can see the change. Not one has said they regret making that change. On the contrary, most are booking in extra sessions, either for now or the New Year, understanding that this is not a frivolous waste of money but an essential tool for a better, happier, healthier lifestyle. You can go it alone for sure if you educate yourself, but a good personal trainer will use his or her knowledge and experience to put together a complete action plan for you as an individual, taking into account your history, where you are now and your goals, short and long term, including a nutrition plan (not a diet) where necessary. He or she will set quantifiable goals and both you and he/she will be accountable – you will be working together to achieve your goals.
If you would like a free consultation please get in touch. If you know someone else who you think would benefit please direct them to me and I will even pay you a referral fee for taking the trouble.
Please contact David on 07504439555 or email me at info@flowfitness.org.uk.

Don’t wait until Christmas has taken its toll – make that change today, there’s no time to lose.

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