Destiny awaits – 2 days to ironman.

Just two days until the biggest sporting challenge of my life – the Outlaw ironman distance triathlon at Nottingham. All of the training has been done, I’ve been taking it really easy for the last couple of weeks to maximise energy levels on the day. Now it’s just fingers crossed that everything goes according to plan.

The first target is to exit the 3.8kms lake swim and be out on the bike course within the cut off of 2 hours 15 mins. This is a serious challenge for me as swimming is my weakest leg and I can freak out in cold water, especially if the goggles play up and I can’t see where I’m going.

Next job is to finish the 180 kms bike ride in 8 hours – this should be achievable unless I get a dreaded puncture or crash. If I get off the bike in one piece I’m confident I can complete the marathon distance of 42kms, even if there will probably be some walking involved at some point, within the overall time limit of 17 hours.

I’ve been training for this for about 6 years so it will be a culmination of thousands and thousands of hours of training. It may be difficult to attempt this again as my 58 year old body may resist. So it’s all or nothing now – everything is on the line, including my body. Hopefully I will be able to finally say “I did it’ on Sunday evening around 9pm.

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