Consistency is the key.

Probably the most important factor in getting fit is consistency. People often throw themselves into new training regimes or crash diets with great enthusiasm, especially in January, only to quickly fall back into old habits within days or weeks. This kind of perfectionism is a recipe for disaster. We would do far better to make small changes day by day, building up training slowly to allow the mind and body to adapt to the new demands. The same goes for diet. Much better to gradually cut down a little on this or substitute a healthier option for a less healthy one. This is much easier psychologically and biochemically for us to handle because food is a massive emotional factor in our lives.

With training too, it’s easy to push too hard. The result is inevitably injury or illness which sidelines us for days, weeks, even months at a time and sees fitness decline. Even a break like a holiday or a long weekend away when people tend to indulge themselves and perhaps let training slip, can lead to regression and a difficulty in getting motivated to train again. Sometimes this just lasts a few days, sometimes it can go on for months, sometimes they never get back to it again, always putting it off until the next day or week or whatever. 

Don’t forget, anything that breaks consistent good habits of training or eating can be a threat, which, if not managed, can lead to a full scale decline. On the other hand, every day and week that you repeat the steady forward progress in little steps, marks a triumph. Add up all these little forward steps in training or nutrition and in a few weeks you’ve achieved a great deal, in a few months you’ve made massive strides and in a year you’ve changed completely for the better. Consistency is the key to success.

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