Spin classes

Over the last few years I’ve developed a real love for spinning classes, in fact almost an addiction, some might say! For example, yesterday evening I did a triple session – that’s nearly 3 hours of spinning classes, back to back. I just love the challenge of this kind of effort, combined with motivating music ( sometimes). I took the first one nice and easy then started to push it quite hard on the second. Arrived at the final session only to be informed that this was a ‘RPM Super’, in other words, half as long again and quite brutal. This was amazing – pushing up to 100 per cent heart rate at times, then dropping to a mere 95% for long long periods – brilliant training, even if I was literally screaming with pain at times – real awesome strange deep pleasure, lost trance like in the beat of the music, enjoying putting the body and mind totally on the line. This gets results when done consistently with adequate recovery. Would I rather be outside turning the pedals in near zero temperatures, scared of the ice, freezing to death, no music, no company? No thanks, I’ll wait until the Spring.

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