2015 – another brilliant year in prospect.

Although I ‘m not big on New Year’s Resolutions, January 1st is a great opportunity to draw a line under the past and map out a new future, to take stock of life and to determine some fresh goals. It’s not just about weight loss or giving up smoking or whatever, however laudable these targets are. It’s about recreating your life in a more positive way.
My only resolution this year is to spend more time outside in the fresh air in natural surroundings as I’m seeing this as more and more important to my well- being and happiness. Whether it be running or walking or cycling or swimming outside I reckon that, as part of the animal kingdom, we can only be happy if we are in close contact with nature and respect it.
I’ve got two big endurance challenges lined up this year: my first Ironman distance triathlon at Nottingham in July and my first 100 mile running race in September. After that, I will not be looking to go any further distance wise. Instead I will look to some other races of great natural beauty, simply for pleasure, such as the Transgrancanaria race for example.
More than anything, though, 2015 is about being in optimal health , making the most of every day and continuing to compete as long as possible.
What are your resolutions, aims for 2015?
Happy New Year.

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