Training philosophy

My main focus is on making training a fundamental part of lifestyle and to train in a way that is enjoyable. Although it’s great when you see your times improve, going faster is less important to me now than being able to go longer. Training to go longer enables me to spend more time training at a low intensity and less time recovering from short high intensity training. My favourite training aid is my heart rate monitor which I always wear in training. 80-90 % of my training is done at less than 75% of maximum heart rate! which gives me a great aerobic base. This type of training increases to nearly 100 % during the winter months. I like this kind of training because it doesn’t hurt and I can go on all day in this range.
As the triathlon season approaches I gradually introduce some speedwork on the bike and run and do regular time trials and running races. Nothing trains you to race faster than racing itself. But, in between I still do most of my training in the low intensity zones which aids recovery from the harder efforts.
From time to time I do weights or circuits or yoga etc as people tell me how vital core training is. I’ve no doubt they’re right but I just prefer cardio personally and enjoyment is the biggest motivator for me – weights and circuits hurt so I don’t do a lot. I chose triathlon because I like the combination of swimming biking and running and the feeling of being on the move, not to build core strength.

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